Ren loaf, ft. Mink


I started playing dmmd

Have some stylised thingies 

tbh if I had to pick a fav dmmd route as a whole it’d be noiz’s, but if I could specify ONE part of a route that takes the cake over everything it’d be in minks route starting from the bedroom scene, because before everything was terrible until like.
the heavens broke apart and light shined for the first time after centuries of torment. motorcycle chase. scratch and aoba working together in understanding. plus mink fell in love in that bedroom u cannot convince me otherwise!!!
just the idea of thug mink who’s in love with a man like aoba and won’t accept it bc itd only hurt them both oh my gosh

Itou Kanako - Voyage Lucid


The ending song for Clear’s Drama CD: Voyage Lucid by Itou Kanako.

Song extraction done by me.



im gonna rub myf ace all over that face he’s so beautiful slay me



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There was an empty seat at the table but Mink is just like “Nah. Don’t wanna associate myself with these nerds.”

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